Dealing with Fear about Price (or anything else) from the Inside Out

I was reading an article recently about selling and how often in business seasoned sales people go from pro to “whoa” when it comes to talking about price. In the article, the author laid out some tactics and strategies for dealing with fear around price conversations. At first glance this seemed reasonable. When I took a closer look, I knew there was an opportunity for me to go deeper.

What is fear? When fear around a pricing conversation looks like an actual “thing”, like it is real, then it makes a ton of sense to deal with it via strategies and tactics like: support the price as a leader, communicate the price with eye contact, understand why the price is the price. And on their own, these aren’t bad strategies.

But when I look into the nature of fear, I ask the question “what is fear actually, where does it come from”? Typically fear is a thought or an idea that pops into our own heads and then we believe it. Once we believe it, we start feeling it. And once we start feeling it we begin to think we need tactics and strategies to deal with it. The snowball is already rolling down the mountain at that point.

But if we pause back at the moment when we first register that fearful thought around price (or ANYTHING), we have a chance of seeing that fear (along with everything else that is going through our heads) is just thought. One minute it didn’t exist, the next minute it did. You see, there is a difference between having the thought of fear, and getting into the thought of fear.

The nature of thought (yes, even fearful thought) is that it really just wants to flow on through our heads. It is meant to flow and go, just like everything else in life. When it just flows on through, we don’t need to deal with it like it is an actual “thing”. We just need to not get into it. How’s that for a strategy?


Exploring Business from the Inside Out

As a coach with grounding in the Inside Out understanding, I explore business and sales from a unique perspective. While most business coaches focus on the what and the how, I look at what is underneath our experience as human beings, the foundation of how human experience gets created. I’ve found that when people start to get a basic understanding of principles that are true for all, a natural by product of this understanding is doing their jobs with less stress, ability to perform at a high level with a much greater degree of clarity, and just an overall more pleasant experience of life. What I haven’t found is a lot of articles dealing with specific business and sales issues through this understanding. So I decided to start writing my own. With burnout, overwhelm and stress at an all time high for companies and the people they employee, there is a distinct need to look at problems in a new way. This blog is an exploration of fresh ground. It seems to me that state of mind of an individual is the most under-utilized tool in business.