Exploring Business from the Inside Out

As a coach with grounding in the Inside Out understanding, I explore business and sales from a unique perspective. While most business coaches focus on the what and the how, I look at what is underneath our experience as human beings, the foundation of how human experience gets created. I’ve found that when people start to get a basic understanding of principles that are true for all, a natural by product of this understanding is doing their jobs with less stress, ability to perform at a high level with a much greater degree of clarity, and just an overall more pleasant experience of life. What I haven’t found is a lot of articles dealing with specific business and sales issues through this understanding. So I decided to start writing my own. With burnout, overwhelm and stress at an all time high for companies and the people they employee, there is a distinct need to look at problems in a new way. This blog is an exploration of fresh ground. It seems to me that state of mind of an individual is the most under-utilized tool in business.


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